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Everything You Need To Know About Laser Hair Reduction

What if we told you that you could ditch the monthly waxing sessions for a more permanent, long-term solution to hair removal?

We all know and understand the battle of consistently waxing or shaving for hair removal. Luckily, improvements in medical aesthetic appeals have actually produced an efficient and lasting alternative-- Laser Hair Reduction. Additionally, laser hair reduction triggers very little or practically no pain! You can visit us to know more about laser hair reduction in Thane.

What is Laser Hair Reduction and how does it work?

As one of the most popular treatments, Laser Hair Reduction is a simple, safe and relatively irreversible option for hair removal. The Laser targets at targeting melanin (the pigment that provides your hair its colour) in your hair follicle with concentrated beams and burns it without impacting the surrounding skin which in turn stops or delays hair growth.

The popular abbreviation LHR stands for Laser Hair Reduction as opposed to Laser Hair 'Removal' due to the fact that the laser focuses on targeting thick, dark hair and converting them into baby or vellus hair.

Who can get laser hair reduction?

Laser Hair Reduction works best for individuals with dark, coarse hair. Consider LHR if;

• You have excessive facial hair or thick, coarse hair growth on the face because of hormonal imbalance or PCOS. In this case, you might require to get your hormone levels checked and handle them concurrently while you get your LHR sessions for optimal results.
• You are trying to find a more irreversible alternative to waxing
• You tend to have recurrent folliculitis (infection of the hair roots).
• You have chicken skin or Keratosis Pilaris.
• You have ingrown hair.

The number of sessions are required for laser hair reduction?

8-- 10 sessions on an average are recommended for optimum outcomes.

Pre-procedure instructions

• It is not suggested to wax, pluck or bleach your hair in between sessions because the laser requires maintaining the roots in order to burn them.
• Our hair grows in different phases and the laser just works on the follicles in the growth phase which is why timing is everything. Your sessions must be within 30-- 45 days or 4 to 6 weeks apart.
• Avoid tanning, use of topical tretinoin, or acids a minimum of 7-- 10 days before your session.

Let your doctor know if;

• You're on Isotretinoin or Roaccutane (which is a vitamin A derivative often offered to acne patients).
• You have history of herpes.
• An active skin infection/condition.
• Tendency for keloids or scarring.
• Tattoos in the treatment area.
• History of recent UV direct exposure or tanning.

What can you expect during laser hair reduction?

Initially, the area is cleansed and shaved. The area to be treated is then marked and the criteria are set according to your skin type and hair growth. Both the patient and the technician will use protective eyewear to prevent any accidents. A cooling gel is used, and the skin is held tight while the laser is run over the treatment area. You may often experience a burning smell which is the result of the laser burning and vaporising the hair roots.

What can you expect post laser hair reduction and in regards to results?

• 10% reduction in every session.
• The time for the hair to grow back increases.
• Reduced density of hair.
• Reduction in density of hair growth.

Post Procedure Care.

• Avoid direct extended sun exposure and tanning 2 weeks before and after treatment.
• Avoid heavy workout, parlour treatments, health spas, saunas.
• Avoid extreme topical agents.
• Ice application might help if you have moderate inflammation.
• Use a good moisturizer and sun block on the treated areas.
• There may be moderate inflammation or perifollicular edema (swelling around the roots) immediately after the treatment which is usually momentary and should settle in a number of hours post-procedure. Your doctor may likewise prescribe a topical cream to assist speed recovery.

PROS of Laser hair Reduction over waxing.

• More long-term outcomes.
• FDA-approved safe and efficient lasers.
• Save cash in the long run as compared to waxing.
• Also helps remove ingrown hair.
• Works well for chicken skin/tiny bumps while waxing worsens it due to friction.

Cost of laser hair reduction.

Prices will vary according to the body part being treated. It is fairly higher than waxing however if you consider the variety of waxing sessions you have gotten so far and the number you'll require for the next decade, LHR will start iv therapy mumbai to seem like a steal!

Healing and risks.

The downtime is minimal, and your skin needs to recover within 2-3 days post-procedure.
The innovation and equipment used at Skin Series is US FDA authorized for hair reduction which simply implies that it is not just safe but also reliable.

Although, ensure you get your sessions from an expert who knows precisely what they are doing to avoid technique/technician-related problems.

At Skin Series, we utilize the Alma Soprano Titanium which is not just the fastest, but likewise the skin lightening in mumbai safest and the most comfortable innovation available. It gives off 3 various wavelengths to target various types of hair growth. It enables us to personalize treatment parameters according to skin colour and has a specialised facial suggestion that permits us to treat smaller sized areas like the eyebrows, upper lips, knuckles, etc with accuracy. Contact Dr. Natasha Shetty to read more about laser hair reduction.

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